We Help You Achieve Market Dominance Through Organisational Transformation With Blockchain & Data Science


Our Data Scientists & AI Experts Extract Obscure Information & Patterns That Help You Understand Your Target Market & Respond with A Highly Effective Marketing Strategy


We Help You Make Your Business Processes Transparent With Smart Contracts. Wave Goodbye To Resource Wastage, Leakage & Inefficiency

What We Do

Pick up the pace by enterprise-grade blockchain solutions leveraging Hyperledger Fabric. GGTS efficiently prepare tailored commercial licensing models for business entities of all shapes and sizes. Our expert team in enterprise Hyperledger blockchain development implement decentralized platforms and solutions to innovate and disrupt industries.


Availing the most reliable, scalable and secure blockchain, Ethereum, to create tailored-made futuristic Ethereum apps for enterprises. Our striving professionals’ design, develop and deploy state of the art Ethereum applications that prosper business repute and boost revenue.

Unlock a new level of business potential by building blockchain solutions above Corda. Experience minimized costs, streamlined transactions and Interoperability via GGTS’s Corda Blockchain Solutions


Disrupt your Industry with our EOS blockchain solutions! GGTS effective EOS development empowers lightning transaction speed, higher transaction rate and seamless deployment.


Our tailored data visualization solutions help businesses navigate through all aspects of data that bring remarkable business results. Our experts transform data into stunning smart insights using visualization tools and techniques which enable brands to create strategic digital solutions.


Allow GGTS big data analytics experts to gain valuable business insights, drive growth, and make precise decisions. By using market-proven tools and techniques, our big data analysts assist in capitalizing massive data to understand customer actions, optimize operations, manage risks, and empower innovation.


Analyze what your customers are talking about you and your products/services on social media. See where your competitors stand on social media.


GGTS leverage deep neural networks and latest AI technologies to analyze complex business needs and voiced-out relationships in data to predict future outcomes. Our technical rich expertise in deep learning and AI protect, grow and empower businesses to unlock greater value and growth.


Catch sights of potential and future results, and increase opportunities for success with our predictive modeling and analytics services. Our analytics experts steer companies in the right direction by analyzing data and leveraging latest trends and tools to anticipate future outcomes.


Allow GGTS to dive deep into your business data and drive 360-degree insights to enhance profitability. Our business intelligence solutions help enterprises optimize ROI, predict future risks, enable real-time analysis, and identify up-selling opportunities.

AI-powered solutions for everyone! Unlock a new level of potential with our expertise in problem-solving, AI algorithm, machine learning and computer vision. GGTS offers innovative intelligent systems.


Digitally transforming businesses with Augmented Reality! GGTS powers companies with AR-based solutions, turning any 3D model to reality. Our augmented reality development expertise delivers multiple AR solutions to flourish eCommerce, healthcare, retail, education, and other industries


Step into another world; experience things in an entire digital realm and take virtual reality to the max with GGTS’s exhilarating VR solutions. GGTS is transforming industries like healthcare,fashion,real estate and education.

Our Portfolio

Green Secure

Green Secure is a compliance platform for global producers to track the destruction of expired, excess, or obsolete stocks to prevent leakage back into markets. The platform ensures brand protection, closed-loop recycling, and revenue protection.


Global Charity Store is the decentralized future of charity, aimed to make the nonprofit sector transparent. The online marketplace plays a crucial role in democratizing donations, enhancing accountability and providing better grounds to charities for fundraising and solving problems.


FCC ensures economic growth is no longer based on lavish use of natural resources. Full Circle Coin is a pioneer in a circular economy on an international scale. This ecosystem covers all kinds of recycling from plastics, paper, metals to anything that can be converted into a productive raw material. It is designed to close the loop between waste and production.

A Different Approach Unmatched Results.

Thousands of companies have surpassed their most aggressive business goals with our revolutionary approach to Blockchain Based Infrastructure. With GGTS, you have a strategic partner in your corner that is obsessed with helping you achieve extraordinary results.

Our Industries 


GGTS industry-leading Fintech solutions help businesses deliver fast transactions, create secure storage, p2p transfers, and regulated finance – via blockchain. Our best blockchain developers drive effective changes within the Fintech industry such as real-time database management, financial transactions traceability, funds management, and much more.


With GGTS’s tailored blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry which hold the capabilities of transforming and taking on a new horizon that completely changes the integrity and security of how medical records and all necessary information revolving around it goes to a whole new level. GGTS uses blockchain-based solutions to optimize the healthcare industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry.

Energy Sector

GGTS blockchain energy solutions vary from electricity data management, utility providers, peer to peer energy trading, refined resource management, and oil resource exploration. Our blockchain solutions in the energy sector enhance transparency for stakeholders, enabling direct renewable energy procurement and provide environmental sustainability.


GGTS blockchain solutions ensures no third party intervention due to the rule of whatever happens on the blockchain stays there and has absolutely zero chance of being removed or edited by an entity. Productivity, security, and ease of access all start one block at a time.

Supply Chain

GGTS benefits the supply chain industry by providing satisfactory operations and customer satisfaction via blockchain. GGTS’s qualified blockchain developers provide principled trade between suppliers and their customers, well-organized processes, and secured interactions. Ultimately, GGTS has the potential to maximize transparency and regulations of a blockchain in supply chain, influencing positively everything from warehousing to payment.

Digital Identity

GGTS provides a wide array of services in blockchain in digital identity from personal online identification for refugees, helping college sports teams understand their fan bases, and verifying charity donations to government-level certification of education credentials.


GGTS will assist companies in automating business flow via blockchain and AI to plan, connect, and monitor data. Our blockchain land registry platforms significantly improve the competency of land administration and formalization services. By using blockchain combined with other technologies like AI, GGTS tends to streamline workflow among stakeholders and enable real-time process tracking.

Waste Management

Harness the expertise of our top-level blockchain developers in waste management. Our blockchain waste management solutions allow WM authorities to ensure integral traceability of waste, streamlined documentation, prevent scams, and end data manipulation

Government and Democracy

Our government enterprise solutions rationalize government structures concerned with voting systems, illegal importing of goods, budgeting, data breaches, healthcare deliveries, and tax portals. Our solution enables governments to establish streamlined government-citizen communication to prevent corruption and fraud.

About Us

Global Green Tech Solution, GGTS, is an enterprise blockchain solution provider serving top-notch clients globally in various industries including FinTech, government, waste management, retail, and many more. Working for a decade, we have hands-on experience in building public and private blockchain using underpinning technologies like Ethereum and HyperLedger. GGTS works with enterprises helping them to reshape their businesses for the digital era. Our outstanding services and customized solutions set the universal benchmarks of quality, performance, and productivity in any industry. GGTS is based in Singapore with branches present worldwide.

Awards & Recognition


We’re constantly researching new technologies and business opportunities and are eager to share what we find.

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