Aktos Delivery Management System

With technology taking a strong foothold in every operation of the modern-day business, different avenues have opened up for companies to look into. With the advent of online shopping and home delivery, almost every brand is now investing in some form of courier or delivery service. With this increasing need, Delivery Management Software’s have become the center of attention. With the objective of making the whole delivery system better, more efficient, quicker, cost efficient and easier to manage, Delivery Management Software’s can transform an existing business’s current model into a thriving one.

GGTS proudly presents AKTOS. The all in one solution for distributing goods in the shape of a Delivery Management System. An easy to use App with multiple functionalities and features catering to multiple stakeholders in the delivery process, it really is a must have for any sort of logistical task. Take charge of your logistics with the Admin panel, optimize your flow through driver app and keep up to date with all front end operations. From providing real time tracking to insights and much more, AKTOS aims to revolutionize delivery operations for both Businesses and Customers.


Admin Panel

Communication tool: Can coordinate with delivery drivers at any given time and update them on certain orders, timings, and other important notices.

Live Tracker: Can see drivers progress in real-time making sure every delivery is done with no time wastage.

Live Maps: Can integrate with maps to see the easiest and fastest route avoiding any excessive cost.

Workforce Management: Can record data to see drivers and workforce performance and multiple variables making future planning and operations profitable.

Performance and analytics: Detailed insights into best sellers, location-based sales, sales performance and many more.

Customer App

Online Delivery status: Stay notified of each delivery, its destination, route, and its ETA.

Online payment modes: Have access to multiple modes of payments including cryptocurrency.

Rating and Review: Stay in touch with the parent company by giving them feedback on multiple variables allowing for excellent consumer management.

Driver App

Notification system: Drivers will get real-time updates of deliveries along with the easiest routes and package details.

Item recognition: Drivers will be alerted about the type of items they are delivering allowing no damages or timely arrival.

Tracking feature: Drivers will have multiple routes to get to the destination but the tracking feature will ensure they take the most efficient route to complete deliveries.

Blockchain for Leafy Greens

With blockchain retail stores can harness the ability to have customers take a look at a specific vegetable’s entire history from the farm till the store shelf, this makes it easier to detect where E. coli outbreaks first occurred. 

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