Blockchain in Fintech Industry 

Fintech systems are centralized, insecure and non-traceable, the blockchain technology’s disruptive power eradicates long-standing friction, produce new solutions, and fabricate significant business outcomes across the Fintech Industry. Research states that blockchain can reduce the central financing reporting cost by 70% for most FS organizations.

Our best blockchain developers drive effective changes within the Fintech industry such as real-time database management, financial transactions traceability, funds management and much more.

Enhanced regulations

Enhanced regulations

Enhanced regulations

How Fintech Industry can Benefit from Blockchain? 

Trade Finance

Blockchain creates a new level of trust which can generate new revenue, define optimal financial structures and authenticate transactions via Letters of credit and bill of lading.

Cross-border Payments

Blockchain-powered cross-border platforms allow fast and decentralized transactions, instant payments, lower transaction fees and secure transaction records.


Blockchain uses advanced cryptographic methods in insurance industry to detect frauds, reduce mortgage fee, secure reinsurance contracts and reduce risks.

Anti Money Laundering

Harnessing blockchain into AML will monitor suspicious transactions, add an extra layer of scrutiny and visibility, establish immutable Tamper-proof logs and examine growing data.

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Supply Chain

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