Blockchain in Healthcare Industry 

Blockchain is massively being used in the healthcare industry and is transforming the way  medical records and operations are handled and processed. Blockchain for the healthcare industry also impacts on the security of user data and to affirm that users remain the sole entity for making the choice of who, when and where your data is being accessed and processed.

With GGTS’s tailored blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry which hold the capabilities of transforming and taking on a new horizon that completely changes the integrity and security of how medical records and all necessary information revolving around it goes to a whole new level. GGTS uses blockchain based solutions to optimize the healthcare industry as well as pharmaceutical industry.

Use Cases of Blockchain in Healthcare:

Improving the way medical records are accessed

Security, privacy and accessibility when processing medical records and data of patients. Authenticity and verification imminent.

Slashing costs

Transferring patient data and medical records securely and easily amongst national systems and across borders with low transaction costs and risk.

Stop Counterfeit Drugs

Thousands of people die annually due to counterfeit drugs, blockchain aims at ending this escalating issue by making the logistics, tracking and monitoring of the drugs solid and squared.

Tracking medical credentials

With a proper Credentials Exchange, members on the chain can verify the credentials and track records of various practicing health professionals. 

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