Blockchain in Logistics Industry 

Logistics power everything from businesses to how operations and customer requirements are carried out and acted upon. When it comes to authenticating, keeping record and track of logistics then blockchain solutions hop in. With blockchain based logistics the whole process is redefined and made not only more secure but easy to manage and have each and every record available without any possible intervention.

GGTS’s blockchain based logistics solutions can provide a vast array of possibilities for organizations to reshape the way logistics are tracked and managed. Global Green Tech Solution’s enterprise blockchain solutions for logistics are suitable for any case scenario ranging from transactions till documentation and more. 

Use Cases of Blockchain in Logistics 

Efficient Package Delivery

Blockchain in logistics will complete payments required by 3rd party shipping companies who come into contact with a package. Blockchain-based Logistics solutions facilitate in reducing cost and time associated with package shipping, ultimately providing speed and affordability.

Port Clearance

Implementation of blockchain within an online port clearance system will enable it to improve connectivity amongst cargo hubs in order to save time and reduce trading costs.

Proof of delivery

Detailed record of a certain delivery on the blockchain to stand as ideal proof being available to relevant parties.

Blockchain for Leafy Greens

With blockchain retail stores can harness the ability to have customers take a look at a specific vegetable’s entire history from the farm till the store shelf, this makes it easier to detect where E. coli outbreaks first occurred. 

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