Hyperledger, The Next Era of Blockchain Technology, is mainly equipped to deal with enterprise level organizations, bringing huge benefits to industry operating models. Tech giants like IBM support Hyperledger – IBM Hyperledger; it is the most secure open-source framework of blockchain which utilizes smart contracts to enhance performance and reliability of enterprises.

GGTS, a leading Hyperledger Development Company, with a certified Hyperledger Development Team has delivered practical solutions to variety of ventures with Hyperledger Frameworks. With remarkable infrastructure and vast experience, GGTS develops the best Hyperledger blockchain services to upgrade business transaction cycle and security. We specialize in smart contract development that correspond to business needs.


EOS Blockchain is the latest open-source blockchain protocol with higher transaction speed and flexibility benefits. EOS Blockchain development is a one-stop solution for industrial decentralized applications. It allows creating a database network at an affordable cost and supports greater transaction rate.

GGTS is a leading EOS blockchain development company that renders industry-specific EOS blockchain solutions with lightning-fast transaction velocity, secure infrastructure and flexible cost models. With proven knowledge of EOS Blockchain development, GGTS develops robust DApps with high throughput and scalable infrastructure. GGTS skilled team in EOS development efficiently develop customizable enterprise-level DApps, efficient networking apps, EOS multi-currency wallet, EOS token development, DPoS supported games and robust smart contracts.


Ethereum technology is a powerful blockchain-based distributed ledger supporting smart contract functionality. It is used to code, test and deploy Ethereum blockchain based applications rendering industrial demands. The main objective of Ethereum is to store information in the absence of a central authority, thus, avoiding fraud. Ethereum blockchain Technology is initiating revolution in industries by making infrastructure secure, streamlining financial markets, controlling supply chains and crafting new business models.

GGTS as the best Enterprise blockchain development company, lets you stay ahead of the game by crafting secure, innovative and ingenious Ethereum solutions aligned to business needs. Owning a full-stack blockchain development team, GGTS offers customiz Ethereum development services to maximize the success of a business.


Corda is a next-generation open-source blockchain platform, specifically, built for businesses. It offers to streamline business operations, reduce transaction costs and transact seamlessly. Corda’s fine-tuned services uncover massive value across industries like Fintech, Supply Chain, Health care and others. Its enhanced security, scalability and interoperability functions will transform business problems that have troubled customers for centuries.

GGTS utilizes Corda’s immense features to aid enterprises in cutting down operational costs, carry transactions seamlessly and rationalize business operations. Our full-stack blockchain developers use R3 Corda’s peer to peer architecture to encounter business objectives.


Digitally transforming businesses with Augmented Reality! GGTS powers companies with AR-based solutions, turning any 3D model to reality. Our augmented reality development expertise delivers multiple AR solutions to flourish eCommerce, healthcare, retail, education, and other industries.

With extensive AR development skills, we assist startups and renowned giants to upgrade their business operations and products. Our expert team in augmented reality development simulates real-world scenarios to create AR solutions that will delight, engage, and increase the business audience. Our augmented reality services include everything from realistic 3D modeling to superimposition-based AR.


AI-powered solutions for everyone! Unlock a new level of potential with our expertise in problem-solving, AI algorithm, machine learning, and computer vision. GGTS offers innovative intelligent systems that imitate the human mind to provide greater business automation and operational productivity.

Our robust and hybrid artificial intelligence expertise drives a revolution in customer’s existing and new and complex systems, giving machines the ability of decision making and accurate evaluation to provide impressive results. From dynamic CRMs, AI integrated analytics, predictive self-health care to soil diagnosis, our expert AI/ML engineers build powerful neural networks and models to give your business a competitive edge.

07 Data Visualization

Our tailored data visualization solutions help businesses navigate through all aspects of data that bring remarkable business results. Our experts transform data into stunning smart insights using visualization tools and techniques which enable brands to create strategic digital solutions.

08 Big Data Analytics

Allow GGTS big data analytics experts to gain valuable business insights, drive growth, and make precise decisions. By using market-proven tools and techniques, we assist in capitalizing massive data to understand customer actions, optimize operations, manage risks, and empower innovation.

09 Business Analytics

Allow GGTS to dive deep into your business data and drive 360-degree insights to enhance profitability. Our business intelligence solutions help enterprises optimize ROI, predict future risks, enable real-time analysis, and identify up-selling opportunities.